Banking & Finance Jobs

At Procruit, we specialize in Banking and Finance recruitment and can connect you with the most skilled professionals in the Tax, Wealth Management, Banking, Superannuation, and Investment sectors.

Our expertise and networks make us the go-to agency for businesses looking to hire the best talent and stay ahead of the competition. We cater to all areas of Banking and Finance and provide individual guidance to businesses to find the ideal candidates for mid- to senior-level roles. To discover our sourcing methodology and how we source top talent in the Finance industry, drop us a line.

We provide a personalized service to our business partners. We help to identify potential candidates and develop succession plans for employees. Whether you require permanent staff or temporary headcount for a project, we recruit the right professionals to meet your specific business objectives. We understand that business demands can change frequently, so we offer recruitment services as needed.

Roles we recruit:

  • Accountancy & Tax
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate & Consumer Banking
  • Finance Accounting & Audit
  • Investment Management
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Operational Risk & Compliance
  • Insurance
  • Custody & Trust